A meeting of the Directors of Lambda Chapter of the Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda Corporation was held at 2 pm on Sunday, October 24, 2010, at 1005 Constitution, Emporia, Kansas. Present were Board Members, Skip Evans, Jay Bezdek, Bud Burgess, Gary Cashion, Ed Roberts, Jonathan Krueger, Eric Swanson and Ron Seibold. Undergraduate Chapter President, Matthew Wallace, was also present.

In that former Board President Bob Goodwin moved to California, Vice-President Gary Cashion, opened the meeting and asked for a report from Treasurer Jay Bezdek. Brother Bezdek reported the bank account balance was $8,815.55, of which $3,458.34 represented funds that alumni contributed to the loan fund for new pledges who need to spread out their membership fees. He reported the total receipts for the Reunion were $9,740.00 with expenses of $5,141.40.

Brother Cashion then asked Matt Wallace for a report on the undergraduate chapter. Matt stated that the membership was now at 37, which includes 7 pledges so far this year. This membership level makes ΑΚΛ the largest fraternity on campus. Brother Wallace said the house was filled with ΑΚΛs except for a basement studio apartment, which had some water leak problems after major rain storms. He said that a total of 18 undergraduates presently live in the house. He reported that after the parade the previous day, Lambda won first place in the Homecoming float competition. He said that all five candidates for ESU Homecoming King were ΑΚΛs with Cody Pritchard selected as Homecoming King.

Brother Burgess stated that in addition to the great accomplishments of the undergraduates at Homecoming, Brother Ed Flentje, received the Distinguished Alumni award.


Bud then opened a discussion on how we can increase communication between the alumni and build relationships between the alumni and chapter. In addition to the current website and flickr photo account, other ideas were discussed, including setting up a facebook page. Eric Swanson agreed to set up and maintain the facebook page. Jonathan Krueger mentioned a professional service called "Contact Management Suite." He said the service is currently being used by Kappa Chapter at Purdue. Jonathan believed the costs were reasonable and volunteered to investigate further.

The Board discussed having the next major reunion in 2014 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the national fraternity. In the meantime, the Board felt that it ought to offer opportunities for alumni to get together at least once each year. Although the Board considered having a get-together in conjunction with the anniversary of the re-chartering of Lambda Chapter (April 11, 2008), the consensus was to organize events in conjunction with each ESU Homecoming weekend.

Since Lambda Chapter has won the scholarship trophy for the past two years by having the highest grade point average of all fraternities at Emporia State, the Board discussed how to continue to encourage high scholarship. Jonathan said that he and Eric were in the process of setting up an Endowed Scholarship Fund through the ESU Foundation, and they both planned to contribute to it. He said that once the fund reached $10,000, it could start providing two $250 scholarships per year to two Lambda undergraduates based on grade point average and/or other criteria.

Brother Burgess moved to authorize $1,000 of funds from the corporation to be contributed to the fund once it is established. Skip Evans proposed an amendment to increase the amount to $2,000, contingent on the fund being established. Ed Roberts provided a second, and the amended motion passed unanimously.

Brother Evans then moved the Board provide two $250 scholarships during the next academic year based on criteria to be determined after the Endowed Scholarship Fund is established. Bud provided the second, and the motion passed unanimously.

After volunteering to be the chaplain for the corporation board, Skip Evans moved that the following slate of officers serve for the next year:

Gary Cashion, President

Eric Swanson, Vice-President

Jay Bezdek, Treasurer

Ron Seibold, Secretary

Jay Bezdek provided the second, and the motion passed unanimously.

President Cashion officially welcomed the two recent Lambda alumni, Jonathan Krueger and Eric Swanson, to the Board. He also welcomed Matt Wallace as a representative for the undergraduates. He noted that Jonathan, Eric and Matt were the first three Presidents of the new Lambda Chapter and hoped that the Board can continue the tradition of having former chapter Presidents on the Board.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, Bud Burgess moved that the meeting be adjourned. After a second from Jonathan Krueger, the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Ron Seibold