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KSTC Bulletin article about AKL in 1949

The original Lambda Charter from 1949

Lambda's Chapter house from 1963-1972.

Greeting a prospective member on the front steps.

The pool room.

President Stouffer with officers Swanson and Poole.

Brother Lehman on a community service project.

Where were you when you learned of Mike Coughenour's tragic accident?

Dave, Bob and Steve having dinner at 1215 Sylvan.

Huston, Jerry, Jim, Bob and Lamar gather around to hear Pat sing.

J.D. in deep study.

Dave with Coach Fish.

Merlyn on a community service project.

The kitchen crew.

Who played Santa at this Christmas Party for underprivileged children?

Gary working hard at a community service project.

Remember the pinnings?

We sang and then presented the girl with flowers.

Getting ready for intramural basketball.

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The 2005 Reunion that led to the re-colonization.

Don Srajer (1958) was late for the group picture. This was taken by his wife. Don is between Don Wilhelm and John Staton on the left

These guys were also late for the picture at the 2005 reunion.

The 2007 Reunion and initiation of colony members.

John and Sam at 2007 Reunion

Leo, Gary, Rundell and Duane at 2007 Reunion

Mike and Leo at the 2007 Reunion.

Bob and Catherine at the 2007 Reunion.

Bob at the 2007 reunion.

Jalene and Pat at the 2007 Reunion.

Dancing at the 2007 Reunion

Pat and Steve at the 2007 reunion.

Bud at the 2007 Reunion

Vern at the Installation.

Bob, Gary and Bob stand to be recognized at the Installation.

Pat leads us all in the sweetheart song at the installation.

The new and old members of Lambda Chapter with the new Charter at the 2008 installation.

The new charter for Lambda Chapter.

AKL National President, ESU President, Chapter President and AKL Executive Director holding new charter at 2008 installation.

Gary and Josh at 2008 Installation.

Jalene and Pat at Installation.

Chapter Advisor, John Rich, Skip and Jan at 2008 Installation.